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Critter Sitter of Atlantic County, LLC

We're there when you can't be!


Initial Consultation: For all new and potential clients, we require a

complimentary “Get Aquainted Visit” to take place prior to scheduling service

with your Pet Sitter. This meeting helps us gather information about

each of your animal’s daily routines and special needs. We will also

provide you with all necessary forms which we require to be

completed and signed prior to our first scheduled pet sitting service.

Recommended Visitation: While dogs require a minmum of 1-3 visits per day and cats need at least 1 visit per day, unless we are providing single visits for normal workdays, it is not fair to the pet for us to visit them less than twice a day. Therefore, there is a minimum of 2 visits per day for dogs of vacationing clients.

Payment: For your convenience, Critter Sitter accepts cash or checks in accordance with their Terms & Conditions.

Client Forms: Please note that client forms must be returned to us

completed and signed prior to our first scheduled service. Otherwise, for

liability reasons, we will be unable to care for your pet(s). Once

completed all client paperwork is kept on file for future pet sitting

services. We ask established clients, prior to a scheduled visit, please

let us know of any pertinent changes to your contact information or home

access so that your file can be updated. It is also very important for us

to know of changes affecting your pet (diet, medical needs, health) that

have occurred between services.

Inclement Weather: Critter Sitter will use their best judgment during times of inclement weather. We will try to carry out the visitation schedule to the best of our ability. We have requested the name and phone number of an “emergency contact” who lives nearby and has access to your home. If we are physically unable to drive to your home due to unsafe weather conditions, we will call the contact person to request assistance. If an emergency contact is not provided or the contact is not available, the customer realizes that Critter Sitter will provide service, but not until road conditions allow us to reach your home safely.

Clean-up: In the unfortunate event of an accident, Critter Sitter will do their utmost to clean up the mess and to properly dispose of the pet waste. We do not accept any responsibility for the clean-up as we are not cleaning professionals. Please provide basic cleaning supplies to address possible incidents.

Vaccinations: For the safety of everyone concerned, it is the Owner's responsibility to insure that all pet vaccinations are current.